About Us

First Class in Every Department

Welcome from the entire UK Pods team, a family run business in the North East of England dedicated to performance and safety. From manufacture to retail we strive to ensure our products are more than fit for purpose when brought to market. Our aim is to provide what we stand for, Quality and Assurance. 

From healthcare establishments to educational environments our Safety Pods™ have been proven to provide an unrivalled aid for professionals that seek graded environmental support and safety. In pursuit of excellence we have not only improved services for vulnerable people of all ages and needs, but we have provided an aid for healthcare professionals to provide the highest level of care and support in challenging situations.

Enhancing Safety & Reducing Injury

Physical Interventions

“An organisations physical intervention policy should identify a clear decision making process for the acceptable use of physical interventions”. 
NHS Protect, meeting needs and reducing distress 

UK PODS Limited are clear on its aims to encourage good practice and end reliance on force, improving practice and services wherever possible.  

Safety Pods can be used and should be an option in any organisation which may use physical interventions that are intended to reduce risk and maintain a person’s safety.  

The subject of physical interventions is one that many industries shy away from due to the sensitive elements and historical contra verse that has constantly surrounded it. It takes great understanding and a huge amount of responsibility to not only work in this field but to help organisations progress and become safer places of practice. 

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