UK pods have worked alongside some of the country’s leading healthcare organisations and healthcare professionals from day one. 

We are fully aware of the latest industry standards and regulations we need to meet, however, we have exceeded those requirements in order to guarantee that our products will fully suit the demands of a diverse range of needs and uses.

 If you are an organisation that may carry out physical interventions and want to improve on this area of care, we feel having a Safety Pod™ as an option will improve your service. Our product has gone through many rigorous tests and pilots including a medical risk assessment by Dr Anthony Bleetman who is one of the governments preferred risk assessors .

All of this ensures every care has been taken to maintain both staff and client safety when using a Safety Pod™ in practice.        


Safety Pods™ have a completely unique function that allows the client requiring support to receive a completely individualised response in terms of head and neck support, spinal alignment and seating angle. The Safety Pod™ needs to be primed prior to use and this takes seconds to do and can be done an endless amount of times over. Once primed, on impact the specially designed hood of the Safety Pod™ will inflate in an ergonomically driven response to whatever size head, neck width of shoulders enter the pod. 

 This system incorporates the use of the Safety Pods™ unique inner construction alongside a practically indestructible nylon bonded impact vent. This technology ensures the Safety Pod™ will provide a seating angle of approximately 135 degrees from the top of the knees to the individual’s head eliminating the risk of head trauma, as stated in our medical review, giving an optimum seating angle allowing for greater chest expansion and lung function.  

Tested by SATRA

The combination of materials we choose to treat and construct our products in have been independently tested by SATRA, one of the world’s leading research and test organisations for performance and safety. 

We have been awarded an international standard of safety rating by SATRA accredited by UKAS and established since 1919. Testing has also verified that our chosen materials are effective at reducing the spread of MRSA, E.coli and other similar bacteria. 


Independent testing by contract upholstery specialists have tested our chosen materials used for the Safety Pod™ for strength and durability, fatigue and resistance, wear behaviour through abrasion, stain resistance, bursting strength and flammability. 

This ensures that our products are  the safest and toughest on the market,  offering Safety Pods™ that reach up to CRIB 7 high hazard area safety ratings.    


We have engineered our products with materials that offer the ultimate in stain resistance and clean-ability. All of our products have been tested with a wide range of cleaning products, able to withstanding the most rigorous cleaning regime. 

Our Safety Pods™ can be cleaned using all current NHS approved cleaning solutions such as Chlor-Clean, Haz-tab, Milton and Tristel. 
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