• Client Surrey and Borders Partnership
  • Product Standard Pod
  • Sector Mental Health Nursing
  • 100% Reduction in supine restraint


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Staff able to adapt quickly to consistent use of Safety Pod
  • Significant reductions in all types of restraint
  • Reduced number of staff needed in a restraint situation
  • Patients choose to use Safety Pod proactively
  • Encourages better communication and more positive interactions with patients
  • Completely eliminating the use of supine restraints

    At the Deacon Unit, a 10-bed inpatient facility for people with learning disabilities in crisis, the Trust was able to completely eliminate the use of supine restraints, following the introduction of the Safety Pod. It also significantly reduced other types of restraint.

    The number of staff needed for each restraint was also reduced in many cases. In the case of one 21-year-old male who displayed high levels of aggression towards staff and other patients, the number of staff involved in his restraint was reduced from four to two with the use of the Safety Pod. The need to restrain him in the supine position, on his back on the floor, was also eliminated, as he could be supported safely on the Safety Pod where de-escalation of the situation arising could take place.

    For another 20-year-old male with a history of self harm, supine restraint involving five staff was also eliminated and two staff could support the patient on the Safety Pod instead – which he chose to use himself, proactively. On occasion, a third member of staff was required to use the leg guard with the patient in the Safety Pod.

    Staff feedback showed 100% agreed the Safety Pod was easy and safe to use compared to only 9% saying supine restraint was easy and safe to execute.

    Qualitative staff feedback included the following:

    A manager said: “I have never seen a new practice enhancement be taken up so quickly with as much consistency as the Safety Pod. It is easy to use and has made a positive impact to both patients and staff.”

    A patient who was supported with a Safety Pod said: “Safety Pod is good, it feels comfortable and is very relaxing.”

    Staff Nurse Soji Fasanya stated: “The Safety Pod encourages better communication and more positive interactions when a patient is being restrained. It enables you to have good eye contact at the same level as the person rather than looking down at them.”

    “More dignified than supine restraints” Owen Kaseke Senior Care Support worker

    What our client says

    The Safety Pod has increased the safety for both the patient and staff during restraints and seems much more dignified than supine restraints.

    Whilst restraint is used as a last resort, patients have chosen to utilise the Safety Pod during sensory sessions as it provides deep pressure feedback. Using the Safety Pod in positive ways ensure it does not get seen negatively by patients.

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