• Client Broadmoor
  • Product Standard Pod XL Memory Foam Cushion
  • Sector Mental Health


  • XL Cushion was used in a planned patient escort
  • XL Cushion reduced patient’s ability to kick
  • Effective – no injuries to staff or patient during escort
  • Patient felt comfortable and safe
  • Numerous attempts to kick thwarted
  • Recommended – will be used in further high risk escorts
  • Reducing the ability to kick

    It was stated that a female patient had previously caused numerous injuries to staff by kicking and this had been a major concern during the planning of her escort.

    To counteract this, the cushion was used “very effectively and significantly reduced her ability to kick”. It was reported that both patient and staff arrived at their destination “without injury” despite the fact the patient attempted to assault staff numerous times without any success. Nathan Bibey of West London Mental Health NHS Trust, said: “The team and I that were involved in the escort strongly believe that this was due to the effectiveness of the pillow [XL cushion].

    Mr Bibey said he was in the process of organising another high risk escort and would be using the XL Cushion again.

    “The patient felt safe and comfortable ” Nathan Bibey West London Mental Health NHS Trust

    What our client says

    During the escort, the patient who has in her time been placed in various mechanical restraints such as handcuffs, fast straps etc was very happy to give feedback pertaining to the pillow [XL cushion] and expressed that it was comfortable and she also felt safe.

    She also expressed that she was trying to figure out how to break out of it so she could kick us but she felt it was very secure and worked so well.

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