• Client Priory Group
  • Product Standard Pod
  • Sector Mental Health
  • 78% Reduction in violence and aggression


  • Reduced injuries to both staff and patients
  • Reduced time spent in restraint
  • Minimised the need for higher level physical interventions, ie floor restraints
  • Positive outcome during de-escalation – marked reduction in violence and aggression
  • Client would recommend Safety Pod to similar organisations
  • UK Pods Ltd customer service rated as “very good”
  • Safewards Scheme

    Ayr Clinic commenced the Safewards Scheme in June 2018 and purchased its first Safety Pod at this time. In a presentation for The Lead Nurse Forensic Network, Ayr Clinic’s director of clinical services Victoria McInulty highlighted a number of benefits of using a Safety Pod. These included the following:

    • Reduces the risk of positional asphyxiation
    • Improvement in client care
    • Reduction in time and injury to service users [involved in restraint].
    • Independently tested and treated materials.
    • Positive outcome on staff who are de-escalating situations.


    Reduction in injuries to staff and patients.

    The feedback stated that ‘yes’ the introduction of Safety Pods had reduced injuries to both staff and patients in restraint situations.

    Reduction in floor restraints

    The feedback stated that ‘yes’ using the Safety Pod did minimise the need for using higher level physical interventions such as prone and supine restraints on the floor.


    Ayr Clinic said ‘yes’ it would recommend Safety Pods for use in other similar organisations or units. It also rated UK Pods Ltd’s customer service as “very good”.


    “It is more dignified for patients and takes less staff” Victoria McInulty Director of Clinical Services

    What our client says

    The use of the new approach and the Pod has shown a marked reduction in violence and aggression of 78% between 2017 and mid 2019.

    We also find it helpful to show worried family members the Pod to ensure we are transparent with named persons.

    I have demonstrated the Pod at several conferences I have attended as I truly believe it to be an excellent piece of equipment.

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