• Client NHS Dumfries and Galloway
  • Product Standard Pod
  • Sector Healthcare


  • Reduction in staff injuries due to kicking
  • Reduction in patient bruising due to restraint
  • Reduction in floor and mattress restraints
  • Easier to assist with feeding and medication
  • Reduced patient’s challenging behaviour
  • More comfortable for both patient and staff

    A patient with very complex needs presented over a lengthy period of time with very challenging behaviours, including kicking staff. As a result, the patient was being subjected to very long periods of manual physical restraint with, at times, up to five staff.

    The Safety Pod was introduced and the client reported Palkesh and the team at UK Pods Ltd could not have been more helpful and were very understanding of the complexities it was facing.

    Staff were trained in the use of the Safety Pod on the ward and from the outset, the Safety Pod and leg pad had a positive effect on both the patient and the staff.

    Staff found the equipment easy to transport and clean and over time, staff reported a reduction in the patient’s challenging behaviour. Injuries to both staff and patients were also reduced.

    The client stated the Safety Pod helped to minimise the risks associated with the more restrictive physical interventions they had to carry out prior to the Safety Pod being introduced.

    They also regarded the team as highly professional and understanding.