Mesh Training Pod

Like all our Pods, the Mesh Training Safety Pod comes in small and standard sizes. It is intended for use in the training of physical interventions that reduce the need for ground restraint and is not suitable for clinical environments. Made from a highly durable mesh fabric, it is easy to clean and has a Fire Source rating of FR fire source 1. The Crib 5 material with bonded nylon mesh cover makes it a safe and durable option for all training environments.

Fire Safety

Independently tested for flammability. Conforms to Fire Source: FR fire source 1

Infection Prevention and Control

Easy to clean and care for but not intended for clinical environments

Robust materials

Crib 5 material with Bonded Nylon Mesh Cover

Supportive and protective

Like all our Safety Pods intended for use in clinical environments, it will inflate in an ergonomically driven response to whatever size head, neck or width of shoulders enter the Pod

Ease of cleaning for healthcare and other high standard cleaning environments

Easy to clean but not intended for clinical environments


For training environments only

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