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Our mission at UK PODS is to support people in reducing the need for restraint in any industry, by doing this we are helping to protect and respect people’s human rights as well as not subjecting people to coercive or unnecessary restrictive practices. Where restraint is absolutely necessary, we aim to work with and support services in making it the least restrictive approach possible as well as making it safer and more suitable for everyone involved.

We know that countless other people around the world want this too and it’s our hope to bring these people together in one place to bring about the change that’s needed.

What’s more, the transformation we are pushing for has not only been clinically proven to reduce the many associated risks for all involved within a restraint but in some cases reduced the need for restraint completely.

It’s only by shining a spotlight on something that we can make a difference. That’s why we are calling on all Safety Pod champions around the world for global cross sector collaboration to support in creating the change we all want to see.

Be a part of our movement, have you got what it takes to be a global Safety Pod champion?

  • You work in an industry that uses physical interventions that include Safety Pods as an alternative to consider in practice.
  • You have led the implementation or championed the introduction of Safety Pods in practice
  • You want to be at the forefront of changing outdated practices to ones which are more fitting of the times we live in today
  • You want to coach, encourage and educate people in the use of safer intervention options
  • You want to treat the people who require interventions as humans, not numbers
  • You are committed to reducing restrictive practices

If any of that sounds like you, we’d like to hear from you. We’re creating a space where those who meet the above criteria can seek advice, share best practice and meet like-minded people who share this mission.

If you’d like to apply, please email us:

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