Heavy Duty Pod

Our heavy duty Safety Pod comes in an attractive range of colours, is suitable for medium and low risk environments and is easy to clean, meeting infection control requirements. The Pod will not support microbial or fungal growth and has a Crib 7, high fire safety rating, independently tested and rated by SATRA.

The little details

Impact Hood

The specially designed hood will inflate in an ergonomically driven response, to protect head and neck.


Concealed high strength tamper proof stitching ensures maximum durability.

Impact Vent

Designed to expel air from the pod on impact, allowing the hood to inflate.

Crib 7

BS7176 Source 7 when tested over CMHR 35kg/m3foam.

Security Valve

Anti-Tamper Security Valve, this patented technology allows for controlled access when filling and servicing of the Safety Pod is required.

Extra Wide Base

Providing stability and support during team intervention.

Safety Pod Access

As standard all Safety Pods are now fitted with our new unique Security Valve. This Patented technology allows controlled access for the filling & servicing of the Safety Pod when required.

Built to the highest quality, light weight with exceptional strength the Security Valves are completely tamper resistant.

Be creative with a range of colours

An eclectic collection of bold patterns and vibrant colours to inspire innovation and creativity. We also offer a bespoke design and embroidery service.

7 possible colours
  • Black
  • Carmine
  • Chocolate
  • Ensign
  • Fern
  • Mushroom
  • Wine

Available in two different sizes

The Heavy Duty Safety Pod is available in both a standard size Pod and a small size Pod.

Approximate sizes shown on the diagram.

Handmade in the UK

The Safety Pod is handmade in the UK with independently tested and treated materials. High quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures we meet all performance and safety requirements.


Heavy Duty Pod Specification

Fabric Specification:

  • Flame retardant: BS7176 Source 7 when tested over CMHR 35kg/m3foam.
  • Anti-bacterial/Anti-fungal: Resistant to microbial or fungal growth including Salmonella, E Coli and MRSA.
  • Waterproof: Hydrostatic Head BS3424 > 1 metre
  • Martindale: Severe Contract > 100,000.
  • Breaking Strength: BS2576: 1988
  • Stain Resistant: Excellent stain removal has been observed for grease, ink, blood, urine, coffee, iodine, betadine, ketchup, chewing gum, chocolate, grape juice.
  • Composition: 2% Vinyl Acrylic, 80% PVC, 18% polyester; 140cm (55”) wide.

Heavy Duty Pod Specification

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Fire Safety

Independently tested for flammability. Conforms to Fire Source: BS7176 Crib 7.

Infection Prevention & Control

Meets infection control requirements – will not support microbial or fungal growth.

Robust materials

Tearing Force BS4303 Severe Contract Grade.

Supportive & protective

Fitted with a Calico Barrier Inter-liner and Bonded Nylon Impact Vent. Will inflate in an ergonomically driven response to whatever size head, neck width of shoulders enter the pod. 

Ease of cleaning

Offering the ultimate in stain resistance and cleanability, the Safety Pod has been tested with a wide range of cleaning products, including current NHS approved solutions Chlor-Clean, Haz-tab, Milton and Tristel. The Safety Pod will withstand even the most rigorous cleaning regime. 


Suitable for medium risk environments (not bite resistant).

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