Once you’ve invested in the Safety Pod, you will want to ensure it is kept in the best possible condition to maintain good performance. It is worth checking each Safety Pod on a weekly basis. A maintenance log is supplied with each Safety Pod for your reference.

On purchasing a Safety Pod, you will also receive a manual of guidance, which advises that Safety Pods can be cleaned using all current NHS approved cleaning solutions like Chlor-Clean, Haz-tab, Milton and Tristel. If any damage appears or if you have any questions about your Safety Pod, please contact us.

**Please note due to current restrictions and safety measures our team is unable to enter clinical environments. However, our support vehicle is now equipped to allow for  Safety Pod maintenance to be undertaken outside of the clinical environment.** 

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Physical Intervention training is recommended before using the Safety Pod. For more information, contact info@ukpodsltd.co.uk

Set Up

Ensure the Safety Pod is set up by taking hold of the hood next to the logo and shaking the Safety Pod until the hood is empty of inner contents. Then rest the hood of the Safety Pod onto the body of the Safety Pod.


Use the Safety Pod in supervised areas at all times and ensure you check for damage on a regular basis, filling in the maintenance log supplied.


We advise a refill if the Safety Pod appears flat or low to the ground and this can be arranged by contacting info@ukpodsltd.co.uk


Do not use the Safety Pod on wet or slippery surfaces.

Medical Review

If you would like a copy of the Safety Pod’s™ medical review, please contact info@ukpodsltd.co.uk

Refill Guide

Even Level

When set up, the Safety Pod should maintain an even level from front to back and across to each side.

Need a Refill?

If the hood of your Safety Pod passes the half way seam, or if you do not have an even surface when the Safety Pod is in the set up position, your Safety Pod may require a refill or service.

Regular Checks

Check your Safety Pod on a weekly basis, using the maintenance log supplied for your reference.

Risk Assessments

It is advised that risk assessments are carried out regarding the safe use of the Safety Pod™ and that this is done on an individualised basis.


UK Pods Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage or faults to a Safety Pod that does not carry a clear record of consistent maintenance.


We highly recommend that your Safety Pod is regularly maintained. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure regular maintenance is carried out and evidenced.