Features of the Training

The Safety Pod Training Programme delivers insightful theoretical aspects of the Safety Pod as a revolutionary piece of specialised furniture. This course will further qualify frontline professionals, as well as in-house physical intervention instructors, both in the UK and internationally.

Safety Pod & Prevention Strategies
Providing close analysis and evidence-based theory, staff will gain knowledge and understanding of how the Safety Pod can improve situations while reducing crisis behaviours.

Risk Assessment and Decision Making
This programme realistically addresses the serious issue of restrictive intervention through careful assessment of risks and an evaluation of what is the last resort, reasonable, proportionate and least restrictive intervention.

Using The Safety Pod for Physical Interventions
Participants will learn key principles and techniques to recognise the critical importance of staff confidence while using the Safety Pod.

Key Benefits

Understand how the Safety Pod can enhance physiological and psychological safety.

Learn how to integrate the Safety Pod into care and support plans that prioritise well-being

Gain access to in-depth analysis of the Safety Pod anatomy

Identify correct procedures to prepare the Safety Pod for use with knowledge of official maintenance guidance

Practise safety intervention strategies using a the Safety Pod and XL Leg Support Cushion, guided by a certified Safety Pod instructor.


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